House of Love Episode #48 Punk Part Deux


  1. Running With The Boss Sound (2002 Digital Remaster) by Generation X on Valley Of The Dolls
  2. Astro Zombies by The Misfits on Walk Among Us
  3. new direction by Gorilla Biscuits on Start Today
  4. Don't Drag Me Down by Social Distortion on Best Of
  5. Wild In The Streets by Circle Jerks on Rodney on The Roq
  6. Thirsty and Miserable by Black Flag on Damaged
  7. Should I Stay or Should I Go by The Clash on Combat Rock
  8. Time Bomb by Rancid on ...And Out comes the Wolves
  9. Bloodstains by Agent Orange on Living In Darkness
  10. Stand By Me by Pennywise on Wildcard/A Word To The Wise
  11. Fuck Authority by Pennywise on Land of the Free?
  12. Amoeba by Adolescents on Adolescents
  13. Everybody's Got Nice Stuff But Me by Dead Milkmen on Beelzebubba
  14. Another Girl, Another Planet by The Only Ones on The Only Ones (Sony)
  15. Satyagraha by 7 Seconds on Soulforce Revolution
  16. Get Over You by The Undertones on The Undertones
  17. Banned From The roxy by Crass on The Feeding of The Five Thousand
  18. Love Like Anthrax by Gang Of Four on Original Seeds Vol.2
  19. Sex and Violence by The Exploited on Dead Cities
  20. Nazi White Trash by Leftover Crack on Mediocre Generica
  21. American Zone by T.S.O.L. on Change Today
  22. Bad Mouth by Fugazi on 13 Songs