Ep.76 09.15.19 (Decade of Dark Entries)


  1. Brilliance by Suzanne Doucet, Tajalli on Brilliance (Dark Entries)
  2. Break
  3. Province Of Electronic Waste by Alpine Decline on Visualizations (Dark Entries)
  4. Watch and Waste by Nagamatzu on Sacred Islands of the Mad (Dark Entries Records)
  5. White Magician by Rich La Bonte on Mayan Canals (Dark Entries)
  6. Meditations / Industry by Bill Converse on Meditations / Industry (Dark Entries)
  7. Break
  8. Multiverse by Miss Kittin on Cosmos (Dark Entries)
  9. Flax Girl Room by L.A.S.'S. Crime on Mesmerique (Domestica Records)
  10. Inside (Outside) by Liquid G. on Liquidation (Dark Entries)
  11. Automotive by Lassigue Bendthaus on Matter (Dark Entries Records)
  12. Blurb by Intense Molecular Activity on I.M.A. (Dark Entries Records)
  13. Golden Handcuffs by Bronze on World Arena (Not Not Fun)
  14. Dark Neon by The Hacker on Le Theatre des Operaions (Dark Entries Records)
  15. New Advent by Photonz on Etheric Body Music (Dark Entries Records)
  16. Cyaniris - June Remix by Lena Platanos on Lepidoptera Remixes (Dark Entries Records)
  17. Fortryllet by Max Guld on For Enden Af Corridoren (Dark Entries Records)
  18. The Holy Dance by The Arms of Someone New on Susan Sleepwalking (Projekt:Archive)
  19. Trespass by Group Rhoda on Wilderless (Dark Entries Records)
  20. No One by Max + Mara on Less Ness (Dark Entries Records)
  21. Metal Disco by Cute Heels on Spiritual (Dark Entries Records)
  22. Dead Eyes Opened by Severed Heads on Dead Eyes Opened (Dark Entries Records)
  23. Hypnotic Tango - Original 12" Version by My Mine on Hypnotic Tango (Dark Entries Records)
  24. One Hot Afternoon by Patrick Cowley on Afternooners (Dark Entries Records)
  25. Chinatown by Tom Ware on Tom Ware (Dark Entries Records)
  26. Trees In November by Moral on And Life Is (Dark Entries Records)