creep magnet #103


  1. syncope by the funs on don't get put out by the drool
  2. MEDIEVAL by the funs on Don't Get Put Out By the Drool (Self Released)
  3. waiting for the winter by the popguns on Eugenie (Matinee)
  4. DoShitemo Itai by SHEENA & THE ROKKETS on どうしても逢いたい (speed star)
  5. tong poo by akiko yano on ごはんができたよ (midi inc)
  6. green fingers by Siouxsie and The Banshees on apollo theater
  7. switch by Siouxsie and The Banshees on the scream (Polydor)
  8. charms around your wrist by Softies on It's Love (K)
  9. hello rain by the softies on It’s Love (K Records)
  10. our love is heavenly by Heavenly on Le Jardin De Heavenly (Sarah)
  11. atta girl by heavenly on atta girl (Sarah)
  12. words and smiles by Tiger Trap on Tiger Trap (K Records)
  13. The Girl With the Strawberry Hair by talulah gosh on Backswash (K Records)