Episode 65: Denley Hosts

.Tetsuo, B. Lewis, Teeko, BENNI JERROD, Bad Child, Oscar Goldman, Blvck Achilles, Brant Jackson, Broadsides, Broken Convertibles, CITIZEN TEN, Caleborate, Chè, Down 2 Earth, Featherload, Geoffrey Thomas, HMZA., Harbour, Hokage Simon, JULiA LEWiS, Jarvis Neely, Josy Coltrane, Klassy, Marteen, Phedee, RITTYBO, Rayana Jay, Salami Rose Joe Louis, Shungu, Stanley Ipkuss, Tiki, Tito Tunes, Tokay., Various Ages, Virus the Producer, Voodoo Lion, [shino smoke], aimless, G Mills, djfreshdjfreshdjfresh, do more, nikø.


  1. Lucy by Virus the Producer on Soundcloud (N/A)
  2. So.Ma by Jarvis Neely on Color Me, City ( )
  3. Thang for Me (feat. Elujay) by JULiA LEWiS on Thang for Me (feat. Elujay) ( )
  4. Albuterol by Hokage Simon on Soundcloud (N/A)
  6. feeling kinda blue by nikø. on Soundcloud (N/A)
  7. Masquerade by aimless, G Mills on Shenanigans ( )
  8. PIN by do more on Soundcloud (N/A)
  9. Space Planet Thing by .Tetsuo on Burgundy Donuts ( )
  10. Hikiko by TIki on Tiki Tape V2 ( )
  11. Spaceship95 by Tiki on Tiki Tape V2 ( )
  12. this shit sux by Marteen on this shit sux ( )
  13. Untitled test (purity) by Harbour on Soundcloud (N/A)
  14. Meta Human Unit by Tito Tunes on Soundcloud ( )
  15. Only 4 tha Real by Caleborate on Hear Me Out ( )
  16. +++affirmations by phedee on Soundcloud ( )
  17. Living in the Epilogue by Voodoo Lion on Soundcloud ( )
  18. Galaxy Range by Broadsides on Transmissions ( )
  19. Bayliens (feat. TEEQUE, Nylujjj) by Various Ages on Soundcloud ( )
  20. HOME (feat. Smoko Loco) [Prod Yarno] by [shino smoke] on Soundcloud ( )
  21. Tell Me by B. Lewis, Teeko on Build ( )
  22. idrk by Stanley Ipkuss on old habits ( )
  23. Maui by djfreshdjfreshdjfresh on Soundcloud ( N/A)
  24. Baggage Claim by Chè on Baggage Claim ( )
  25. Ounces by Broken Convertibles on Water for the Town ( )
  26. Power Trip (feat. Ruby Ibarra) by Klassy on Dirty Cortez ( )
  27. Drop Knowledge (feat. Spote Breeze) by Shungu on A Black Market Album ( )
  28. Like Wow by Bad Child, Oscar Goldman on Like Wow ( )
  29. $unrise 2 Nitefall (feat. Nimsins & FeatherLoad) by $unrise 2 Nitefall (feat. Nimsins & FeatherLoad) on Soundcloud ( )
  30. Still Time by Tokay. on Still Time ( )
  31. ETERNAL SUNSHINE (feat. Atosa) [Prod. by Durazo] by HMZA. on Soundcloud (N/A)
  32. Everyday Solstice by Geoffrey Thomas on Soundcloud (N/A)
  33. I Don't Stay High by Josy Coltrane on Josepi ( )
  34. Divisadero by Down 2 Earth on Fair Share ( )
  35. GET IT RIGHT (feat. Onaje) [Prod Lebanon] by BENNI JERROD on Soundcloud (N/A)
  36. Wait Up by Brant Jackson on Wait Up ( )
  37. Young Beauty by Featherload on Soundcloud (Self-Released)
  38. Cumulous Potion (For the Clouds to Sing) by Salami Rose Joe Louis on Zdenka 2080 (Brainfeeder)
  39. Real Luv by RITTYBO on Real Luv (Self-Released)
  40. Love Me Like (feat. DUCKWRTH) by Rayana Jay on Love Me Like (All Angles / EMPIRE)
  41. Feel It Coming by OneWerd, Pete Feliciano on OneWerd, Pete Feliciano (Self-Released)
  42. Gulf Stream by Russel E.L. Butler on Petty (Spectral Sound)