Episode 66: Johnny Venetti & BPos Tribute

Tonight we pay tribute to a man who not only has contributed to the local hip-hop scene as a producer and DJ but has done a lot to celebrate and support other Bay Area artists as well for more than ten years.

Johnny Venetti owned Showdown on 6th and Market from 2009-2017, hosting a slew of up and coming DJ's, beatmakers, rock bands, visual artists and even themed events such as "Twin Peaks Night" and a spaghetti western night where patrons could eat a plate of spaghetti.

Originally from Seattle, Johnny has made a myriad of beats for local talent during his time in the Bay Area.  His main group BPos includes rappers D-Wiz, Goodword and Khafre.

More recent instrumental forays include albums like "New Genre in Color" and "North to Kodiak" which involve a central character named January.  BROADSIDES' "Transmissions - EP" is a lyric-centric venture with features from Folklore Legend, Cold Showda, Architecture, Bayroo Burner, Amani Jade and BPos groupmate D-Wiz.|

BPos' music video for "Dope" featuring TheHugo Hotel and itsart installationDefenestration of Furniture created in 1997 by local artist Brian Goggin which was demolished in 2015.

Visit the website for Johnny's new project "Katrano (An Audio/Visual Digest)".