Northern Spy


  1. EMT, Police and the Fire Department by Shilpa Ray on Door Girl (Northern Spy)
  2. Truthers by Horse Lords on Intervensions (Northern Spy)
  3. It's Ok by Wume on Towards the Shadow (Northern Spy)
  4. Bride of Ignorance Returns by Cloud Becomes Your Hand on Rest in Fleas (Northern Spy)
  5. Bug by Renata Zeiguer on Old Ghost (Northern Spy)
  6. You You by Odetta Hartman on Old Rockhounds Never Die (Northern Spy)
  7. Artemis by Lip Talk on D A Y S (Northern Spy)
  8. No Reason by Toth on Practice Magic and Seek Professional Help (Northern Spy)
  9. Ursa Major by Suss on Ursa Major (Northern Spy)
  10. Muslim Jewish Resistance by Ceramic Dog on YRU Still Here? (Northern Spy)
  11. Love Again by Parlor Walls on Opposites (Northern Spy)
  12. Blank Touch by PC Worship on Buried Wish (Northern Spy)
  13. Small Car by Marvin Pontiac on The Legendary Marvin Pontiac (Northern Spy)