B-Side Dreams 173 - Missing Teeth


  1. Goodbye Sadness, Hello Death by Vincent Gallo on Recordings of Music for Film (Warp 2002)
  2. Human by Molly Sarlé on Karaoke Angel (Partisan 2019)
  3. Lost by Natalie Rose Le Brecht on Mandarava Rose (Self Released 2019)
  4. Missing Teeth by Wishing on To Forget (Self 2015)
  5. Wendy by Richie Woods on Wow Cool (Self 2015)
  6. Saltless by German Error Message on Mend (Self Released 2019)
  7. Paris Song by OH!hello on Sleepy (Self Released 2014)
  8. Meant to Be by Eerie Summer on The Way I Don't Understand Anything Anymore (Topshelf Records 2016)
  9. Dream No 9 by Big Joanie on Sistah Punk (Tuff Enuff 2017)
  10. Blueberry Island by The Julie Ruin (Self 2015)
  11. So Sad, So Sad by Varsity on Cult of Personality/So Sad, So Sad (Self 2015)
  12. In Time, It Snows by Nedelle & Thom on Summerland (Kill Rock Stars 2004)
  13. Denis by Blondie on Plastic Letters (1978 Capitol)
  14. In the Style Of by Robert Sotelo on Infinite Sprawling (Upset the Rhythm 2019)
  15. Suspectette by Kaputt on Highlight/Suspectette (Fuzzkill 2018)
  16. Break A by Vital Idles on Vital Idles EP (Upset the Rhythm 2019)
  17. The Truth by The Stroppies on It's a Hit! (Tough Love 2019)
  18. You Never Knew Me by Magazine on The Correct Use of Soap (1980 Virgin)