Cock Rock BBQ #6 w/ special guest host DJ Babe: Pig In The City **back by popular demand**


  1. Intro / In Memoriam Dead by Valefar on Frigus ex Tenebris Venit (Ledo Takas Records)
  2. Nous Sommes Fanés by Peste Noire on La Sanie des siecles - Panégyrique de la dégénérescence (De Profundis)
  3. Empty Hearth by The Body on All the Waters of the Earth Shall Turn to Blood (Aum War)
  4. Field And Border by Voice Coils on In Sixths / Field And Border 7" (Shatter Your Leaves)
  5. Fall Apart by Death In June on The Wall Of Sacrifice (New European Recordings)
  6. Judas Kiss by Haus Arafna on You (Galakthorrö)
  7. Surfing With The Shah by didimao on didimao (Cococonk)
  8. Into A Hole by Kilslug on Answer The Call (Taang! Records)
  9. My World... My Way by Infest on No Man's Slave (Deep Six Records)
  10. Hyperventilation System by Daughters on Hell Songs (Hydra Head Records)
  11. Stars And Stripes Whatever by Coughs on Fright Makes Right (Load Records)
  12. A Tiny Streak Of Daylight by Lauren Bousfield on Locked Into Phantasy (n/a)
  13. Submerged City by DJ Mastercard on Virtual Crime (Activia Benz)
  14. Fuck The Fedz (ft. Chief Keef) by Fat Trel on GBSB (n/a)
  15. Maca-Frama-Lamma by Mac Dre & Mac Mall on Da U.S. Open (Thizz Entertainment)
  16. On Top by Whitehouse on Birthdeath Experience (Come Organisation)
  17. Going Down The Road Feeling Bad by Elizabeth Cotten on Freight Train and Other North Carolina Folk Songs and Tunes (Folkways Records)
  18. Fishin by Chief Keef on Nobody (Glo Gang)
  19. Damaged Girl by Nicole 12 on Substitute (Freak Animal Records)
  20. Split Urethra Castle by Couch Slut on My Life As A Woman (Handshake Inc)
  21. Eggplant by Full Moon Partisans on Get It Out (n/a)
  22. Elves by The Fall on The Wonderful And Frightening World Of... (Beggars Banquet)
  23. Gut Rage by Feederz on Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss? (Flaming Banker)
  24. Lion Becomes Dragon by Cynthia Dall on Untitled (Drag City)
  25. Mama Gina by Shellac on 1000 Hurts (Touch And Go)