transfiguration #101 microdose mix


  1. No Longer a Fragment by Graintable on Universal Ash
  2. Riding For A Fall by D.K. on Riding For A Fall
  3. Horse Massage by Lamellen on Monty Roberts
  4. Sungo Sango (feat. Phil Madeiski) by Giraffi Dog on L'Existence Du Rêve
  5. Underwater Garden by Celestial Trax on Serpent Power
  6. Cloud Matress by Mazzo on Sound For Gardening
  7. Sacred Space by Young Marco on Bahasa
  8. Helma by Fruit on Drømmeland
  9. Clearance (Part II) by Dimitris Petsetakis on On Shores
  10. Traveling by Forte on Intermissions
  11. Cuando by Dj Python on Derretirse
  12. Lizards Bar by Too Smooth Christ on Angels and Voices
  13. Fredens by Frantzvaag on Fifty-five Ways
  14. Sutekh's Mirage by Max Abysmal on Sutekh's Mirage/Donna, Don't Stop
  15. Root Bulb by Cromie on Root Bulb
  16. Bridge Over Lazy Boy by SFV Acid on Firezone
  17. Slo Mosely by Freda & Jackson on Frog in a Sock
  18. Next Time by Zoo Look on Similar Steps
  19. And Then by Earth Trax & Newborn Jr on Truth
  20. Melted (Out of Body Experience) by Lone on Melted (Out of Body Experience)
  21. Emissary by Huey Mnemonic on Huey Mnemonic
  22. Slip by Jump Source
  23. Everything Going To Be Alright by Coral D
  24. Snare Dream by Tom VR on Packard Sawmill Echoes
  25. Fluenka's Song by Ondo Fudd on Eyes Glide Through the Oxide