Tuff Signals


  1. Motorbike by Program on Show Me (Anti-Fade Records)
  2. Cause A Scene by Baby Shakes on Cause A Scene (Self Released)
  3. Mad by Las Suecas on Kvällstoppen! (Groovie Records)
  4. In Certain Orders by Jeffrey Lewis & The Voltage on Bad Wiring (Self Released)
  5. East Coast by CASTLEBEAT on East Coast (Spirit Goth Records)
  6. Buy Me Dinner by Miss World on Keeping Up With Miss World (Burger Records)
  7. Woman Alone by Nots on 3 (Goner Records)
  8. The Best by Peach Fuzz on CATS, CARS & GUITARS (Bernice Records)
  9. Drag Me Out by Necking on Cut Your Teeth (Mint Records)
  10. Control Freak by Priests on The Seduction of Kansas (Sister Polygon)
  11. The Reunion by Prude Boys on The Reunion/Daddy (Self Released)
  12. South America by Think Lips on Chosen Family (Lame-O)
  13. Everyday Things by Swim Team (Self Released)
  14. Almanac by The Living Eyes on Peak Hour Traffic 7" w/Almanac (Episode Sounds)
  15. Oh Carol, I'm So Sad (Rockin' Horse) by Brower (Discos)
  16. Fun Fun Fun by The Mardi Kings on My Head Is Like A Radio Set (Girlsville)
  17. French Disko (Stereolab)) by Seablite on My Head Is Like A Radio Set (Girlsville)
  18. Speedway by Split Friction on My Head Is Like A Radio Set (Girlsville)
  19. The Fix by For Your Love on Wild Wild Wets (Self Released)
  20. Too Bad by No Men on Dear God Bring the Doom (Let's Pretend Records)
  21. Olive Green by The Lonely Parade on The Pits (Buzz Records)
  22. Your Bicep by France Camp on Dark Floral (Forged Artifacts)
  23. Green Eyes by THICK on THICK (Self Released)
  24. A Storm Is Coming by Arre! Arre! on Tell Me All About Them (PNKSLM)
  25. Methatonin by Destroy Boys on Methotonin/Gold Metal (Self Released)
  26. Girlfriend Degree by The Paranoyds on Carnage Bargain (Suicide Squeeze)
  27. Entre Los Dos by Y La Bamba on Entre Los Dos (Tender Loving)
  28. Calling It by Automatic on Signal (Tender Loving Empire)
  29. Lydia by Galore on demo (rocks in your heads)
  30. World by UV-TV on Happy LP (Self Released)
  31. Calquer the Hound by The Gotobeds on Debt Begins at 30 (Gerard Cosloy)
  32. Double Vision by Scrunchies on Stunner (Forged Artifacts)
  33. Cardboard Suits by Bad Sports on Constant Stimulaion (Dirtnap Records)
  34. Red Rum by Audacity on Bewildered Herd MLP (Taken By Surprise)
  35. Elevted Train by Full Sun on Thinking' About It (Let's Pretend Records)
  36. Tedium's Jaw by Chemtrails on Cuckoo Spit EP (Self Released)