transfiguration #111 special guest Sean Conrad inner islands records


  1. ocean wind by WYLD WYZRDZ on free magic (inner islands)
  2. lavender ravens tears by stag hare on spirit canoes (inner islands)
  3. serendip by dragontime on dragontime (inner islands)
  4. deep valley sojourn by inner travels on sea of leaves (inner islands)
  5. digest of botanicals by panabrite on oceanique triangulation (inner islands)
  6. return to the river by silver antlers on all a river (inner islands)
  7. wish III by softest on six wishes (inner islands)
  8. nagi by kenji kihara on scenes of scapes (inner islands)
  9. sprout by ki oni on autumn, in reel time (inner islands)
  10. sky dancing by crown of eternity on dream architecture (inner islands)
  11. santur solo from tau ceti f, cirque 1979 by selroda (inner islands)
  12. nyth by soda lite on vale in stone (inner islands)
  13. lyrebird by sunmoonstar on rainbow springs
  14. Offerings by Ashan on Earth Life Magic Celebration (Inner Islands)
  15. forest by inner travels on nature spirit (inner islands)
  16. praise for life in all it's forms by channelers on space makes clearing (inner islands)
  17. visualized loop by ant'lrd on clouding indefinitely (inner islands)
  18. locket by stag hare on velvet in bone (inner islands)
  19. with the morning by WYLD WYZRDZ on acceptance (inner islands)
  20. lowlight living by kyle landstra on jeweled moon codex (inner islands)