Alley Cat Radio (Episode 5)


  1. Genesis Proper by Robin Skies on Is It Ever Really Over? (Robin Skies)
  2. I Wish I Had Her Number by Pink $ock (P$)
  3. Bae Caught Me Vapin' by Fantasy Guys on On Poppy Island (Skeleton Realm)
  4. Fading by Swaine Delgado on Fading (Swaine Delgado)
  5. Take Me Away by Johnny Goth on Demons (Johnny Goth)
  6. Shook by Goldensuns on Shook (Goldensuns)
  7. Eyes For Ellis by Gus Dapperton on Where Polly People Go To Read (AWAL)
  8. Higher Fantasy by Part Time on Spell #6 (Burger Records)
  9. Feelin' Lovely by Connan Mockasin on Myths 001 (Kemado)
  10. Georgie by Temporex (NBI)
  11. Feel Of Love by Tensnake on Glow (True Romance)
  12. I Heard Your Song by Renwick on a Just Brought a Guitar (Renwick)
  13. Lipstick by Ariel Pink on pom pom (4AD Ltd)
  14. Charlotte's Thong by Connan Mockasin on Jassbusters (Kemado Records)
  15. Lying Has To Stop by Soft Hair on Soft Hair (Weird World)
  16. Stay With Us by Seoul on I Became A Shade (Grand Jury)
  17. Hard To Move by Triathalon on Online (Self Released)
  18. Powder Blue / Cascine Park by Yumi Zouma on EP III (Cascine)
  19. Rollercoaster by INNER VIEW (Inner View)