It just turned into a town


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  1. Dead of Night by Orville Peck on Pony (Sub Pop) $ Buy
  2. Miami Memory by Alex Cameron on Miami Memory (Secretly Canadian) $ Buy
  3. EARFQUAKE by Tyler, The Creator on IGOR (Columbia Records) $ Buy
  4. Not by Big Thief on Not (I'm not not saying.....) $ Buy
  5. Playground by Steve Lacy on Apollo XXI (3qut) $ Buy
  6. Cellophane by FKA Twigs on Cellophane (girl, go out there and find it) $ Buy
  7. Kids in the Dark by Bats for Lashes on Lost Girls (AWAL) $ Buy
  8. Andromeda by Weyes Blood on Titanic Rising (Sub Pop) $ Buy
  9. Such a Remarkable Day by Charlotte GAinsbourgh on Such a Remarkable Day (lets have sangria in the park) $ Buy
  10. Gretel by (Sandy) Alex G on House of Sugar (Domino) $ Buy
  11. Sofia by Clairo on Immummity (FADER) $ Buy
  12. Fall Down by Crumb on Jinx (no crumb unturned) $ Buy
  13. Everyday by Weyes Blood on Titanic Rising (Sub Pop) $ Buy
  14. He by Jai Paul on Do you Love her Now/He (do do do ya?) $ Buy
  15. What does it Take by Mijon on What does it take (small fortune) $ Buy
  16. ITPA by Elah Hale on ITPA (ABCDEFG) $ Buy
  17. Do your best by John Maus on Love is Real (or your worst) $ Buy