House of Love Episode #52 Impractical Music List


  1. Diamond Ring by The Black Crowes on By Your Side (1998)
  2. (What A) Wonderful World by Sam Cooke on The Wonderful World of Sam Cooke (2011)
  3. Soul Singing by The Black Crowes on Lions (2001)
  4. Run Around Sue by The Firebirds on Taking by Storm (2008)
  5. Smack That by Richard Cheese on Ok Bartender (1998)
  6. But Anyway by Blues Traveler on Blues Traveler (1990)
  7. Under the Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers on Blood Sugar Sex Magik (1991)
  8. Oh Sherrie by Steve Perry on Street Talk (1986)
  9. Careless Whisper by Wham! on Make It Big (1984)
  10. Back in the High Life Again by Steve Winwood on Back In The High Life (1986)
  11. Valerie by Steve Winwood on Talking Back To The Night (1982)
  12. Children by Robert Miles on Children Single (1998)
  13. Where's Your Head At by Basement Jaxx on Rooty (2001)
  14. San Frandisco by Dom Dolla on San Frandisco (2019)
  15. Sick of You by GWAR on Scumdogs Of The Universe (1990)
  16. Have You Seen Me by GWAR on America Must Be Destroyed (1992)
  17. Saddam A GoGo by GWAR on This Toilet Earth (1994)
  18. The Wolf I Feed by Naplam Death on Utilitarian (2012)
  19. Magnifishit by Skinny Puppy on Mythmaker (2007)
  20. Manic by Gost on Skull (2013)