sadderday, #121


  1. The Inefficiency Of Emotion by Grade on Under The Radar (Victory)
  2. My Life In The Knife Trade by Boysetsfire on After the Eulogy (Victory)
  3. Cross Out The Eyes by Thursday on Full Collapse (Victory)
  4. Please Forgive Me by Student*Rick on Soundtrack For A Generation (Hopeless)
  5. A Synthesis Of Classic Forms by Snapcase on End Transmission (Victory)
  6. Great Romances Of The 20th Century by Taking Back Sunday on Tell All Your Friends (Victory)
  7. Tulips Are Better by Atreyu on Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses (Victory)
  8. My Best Mistake (No More Chances) by Count The Stars on Never Be Taken Alive (Victory)
  9. Giving Up by Silverstein on When Broken is Easily Fixed (Victory)
  10. Xerox by Waterdown on The Files You Have On Me (Victory)
  11. I Loved The Way She Said "LA" by Spitalfield on Remember Right Now (Victory)
  12. Existentialism On Prom Night by Straylight Run on Straylight Run (Victory)
  13. Masterpiece by Bayside on Sirens and Condolences (Victory)
  14. Niki FM by Hawthorne Heights on The Silence in Black and White (Victory)
  15. Everyone's Got Something They Are Running Out Of by The Junior Varsity on Wide Eyed (Victory)
  16. Speak Up by June on If You Speak Any Faster (Victory)
  17. Lawyers by The Audition on Controversy Loves Company (Victory)
  18. These Lights by The Forecast on Late Night Conversations (Victory)
  19. Heart Beatz by The Sleeping on Questions and Answers (Victory)
  20. Baby, You're My Bad Habit by Four Letter Lie on Let Your Body Take Over (Victory)
  21. Droppin' Dimes by 1997 on A Better View of the Rising Moon (Victory)
  22. Chug and Leave by Secret Lives! of the Freemasons on Weekend Warriors (Victory)
  23. Beneath The Burning Tree by Funeral For A Friend on Memory & Humanity (Victory)
  24. The Disconnect by Counterparts on The Current Will Carry Us (Victory)