SPOOKY JAMZ (+ Samhain) | Tune-Yards, Paul Simon, Idris Muhammad, Prins Thomas

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🎶👻🎃Get ready to be haunted by these spooky, freaky jamz!  Disco, African funk, electronic, and groovy, everything from Paul Simon to Fela Kuti, Lindstrom to Tune-Yards, Childish Gambino to "Zindagi Meri Dance Dance." 

& Don't miss last year's five weeks of Halloween on Night Light Radio! More to come ....

In episode 85, find out some facts about ancient holiday Samhain, discover what I'll beee for Halloween, hear about a few local Halloween events, and more.

Enjoy, share, feel the LOVE! 🌈♡ Night Light is recorded live on Best Frequencies Forever nonprofit radio in San Francisco. Music is a sound rainbow and YOU are a prism! 

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