Feeding Tube pt 2


  1. Civil War Lament by The Left Outsides on There is a Place (Feeding Tube)
  2. The Woods in the Day, and Faulkner Ascends Through the Trees by Joseph Allread on O, Meadowlark (Feeding Tube)
  3. Falling Down to Earth by Ruth Garbus on Rendezvous with Rama (Feeding Tube Records)
  4. Sneedville Blues by Frank Hurricane on Life is Spiritual (Feeding Tube Records)
  5. Reproduce and Get Dirty by Big Blood on The Daughters Union (Feeding Tube)
  6. Cross the Hill by Abronia on The Whole of Each Eye (Feeding Tube)
  7. Swan Song by The Taxidermists on Tax (Feeding Tube)
  8. Out on Rte 5 by Trinary System on Light in the Center of Your Head (Feeding Tube)
  9. VS by Mosquitoes on Vortex Veering Back To Venus (Feeding Tube)
  10. CAPS by Aircraft on Sideways / Backwards (Feeding Tube)
  11. Dust 2 Dust by William Austin Clay on Oops (Feeding Tube)
  12. Killing Spree by Mozzaleum on Dark Ride (Feeding Tube Records)