Transfiguration #114 w. Dog Eyes + Melanie


  1. dog eyes by -- on --
  2. DESTINATION (DR. YUSEF LATEEF) by Angel Bat Dawid on --
  3. Extra Very Ultra by William Hooker on --
  4. Humility In The Light of Creator (Alternative Version) by Maurice McIntyre on Spiritual Jazz 7: Islam (Jazzman)
  5. Love Is For Real by Alan Braufman on Valley of Search (The Control Group)
  6. Music For 18 Hairdressers: Braids and Fractcals by Ben LaMar Gay on Downtown Castles Can Never Block the Sun (International Anthem)
  7. Judges by Colin Stetson on New History Warfare Vol 2: Judges (Constellation)
  8. New Ghosts by Albert Ayler on New Grass (The Verve)
  9. How can I? by Mark Mitchell on --
  10. Human Race by Human Race on --
  11. Hear my heart by Jeff Phelps on --
  12. The Beehive by Lena Platonos on --
  13. Which I believe I am by Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble on --