Ep 98: "Patti, Cake"

Silverware's new 7" single, "Finish Line" b/w "Need Me To", finds the artist in new sonic territory, gaining new momentum in spacious arrangements. Silverware plays the Makeout Room this Wednesday Oct 30 with Jacob Aranda and July. Makeout Room Calendar. 📸 by Marisa Bazan, ig @mariisabazan

Episode title is from the band Patti and the song "Cake".

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email: iluvmondaysBFFfm@gmail.com


  1. Sugary + Sweet by Pardoner on Playin' On A Cloud
  2. No Space For Residence by Fake Fruit
  3. Cake by Patti on Cake b/w Edgelord
  4. Finish Line by Silverware
  5. Need Me Too by Silverware
  6. Forget This Town by Jacob Aranda on Great Highway
  7. The Sad Poetry of Violence by VVD WNDWS on Blue Landscape (Glowing Dagger)
  8. It's the Right Time by W0rk on It's The Right Time
  9. Dim Returns (Live) by Small Crimes
  10. Eyes Within Night by Memory Theater on Some Sort of Paradise
  11. Two Tylers by Tyler Holmes on Devil (Ratskin Records)
  12. Dreamin' by Lofi Legs on Lamb
  13. Anyway by Secret Secret on HUSH
  14. Prove It by Wyatt Smith on Trash
  15. October '04 by Eve's Peach
  16. I Think I Like It by Practicing Sincerity (self released)
  17. 24th Street by Lolly Gaggers on Cavity Search
  18. Happie (C86 Mix) by Clutch the Pearls
  19. Yellow Flower by Mae Powell on trash flowers ep
  20. Bliss by The Looseys
  21. Vices by Buzzed Lightbeer on Hell
  22. Sad Girl Hours by Preschool on Hot Sick Vile And Fun - New Sounds From San Francisco (Rocks In Your Head Records)
  23. Clementine by Sucker Crush on Middle Mattress Chasm
  24. Bruised by Polkadot on Spring Songs
  25. Belly by Bells Atlas on Mystic
  26. I Will by Hemlock
  27. Better Part by Meernaa on Heart Hunger
  28. More of What by Crack Cloud on Crack Cloud (Deranged Records)
  29. Diddley Squat by Twompsax on I H8 Me
  30. Exiled by Bad Breeding on Exiled
  31. Designer Dogs by Tong on Tong III
  32. Neon Camo by The Brankas on Safe
  33. Tommy by Sour Widows
  34. <3 by Future Twin on Situation EP
  35. Cement Hands by Shutups on Everyday I'm Less Zen (Astro Lizard Records)