Satan Loves Therapy

This broadcast might convert you to Satanism and that's ok. Meant to subvert arbitrary authority and help people get in touch with their inner wisdom, Satanism is very compatible with psychotherapy and activism.

My interview with therapist, martial artist, and Satanist 😈 Yeldar Zhurgenov is interspersed with a spooky, moody Halloween playlist made for feeling all the feelings and getting in touch with your shadow.


  1. Dirty Trip by Air on The Virgin Suicides (Astralwerks)
  2. The Ghost by Efterklang on Piramida (4AD)
  3. Human by Michael Abels on Us (Back Lot)
  4. Break
  5. Here We Never Die by Sister Crayon on Bellow (Manimal Vinyl Records)
  6. Ad Junkie by Lip Talk on D A Y S (Northern Spy)
  7. Deep In Concentration by Daedelus on The Bittereinders (Brainfeeder)
  8. Break
  9. Spiders by The Soft Calvary on The Soft Calvary (Bella Union)
  10. Morning After by Ariel Pink, We on Myths 002 (Kemado)
  11. Chase the Tear by Portishead on Chase the Tear (XL)
  12. Once Upon a Time by Michael Abels on Us (Back Lot)
  13. Break
  14. Ghosteen Speaks by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds on Ghosteen (Bad Seed)
  15. Paraguaya by Juana Molina on Halo (Crammed Discs)
  16. The Sound of Silence by Chromatics on Closer To Grey (Italians Do It Better)
  17. Olga's Destruction (Volk Tape) by Thom Yorke on Susperia (XL)
  18. A Death in the Woods by The Magnetic North on Prospect of Skelmersdale (Full Time Hobby)
  19. Horns Surrounding Me by Julia Holter on Loud City Song (Domino)
  20. Dog Door (feat. Tom Waits) by Sparklehorse on It's a Wonderful Life (Capitol Records)
  21. Murder (Mystery) by Bobby Krlic on Midsommer (Original Score) (A24 Films)
  22. Pyramid Song by Radiohead on Amnesiac (Parlophone / Capitol)