BRVS #104 with Max Nordile


  1. Moi Void by Bathroom Laws on Pyss in Peace (NA)
  2. Humor Me by it foot, it ears on Teeter (NA )
  3. Kink Shop by Drama on Drama (NA )
  4. Jubilee by INVERTS on The Repulsion is Mutual (NA )
  5. It Must Have Been The Candle by Ocarina Orchestra on 8126A- New Wilderness Audiographics (New Wilderness Audiographics )
  6. Interregnuts by Silver Dick on Enragés Fou Noix (NA )
  7. raise yourself up by Matana Roberts on Coin Coin Chapter Four: Memphis (NA )
  8. Armpit Beer by Territorial Gobbing on Capitalist Art is Cartoons Fucking (Opal Tapes )
  9. Open a Rose by U.S. Maple on Acre Thrills (Skin Graft Records )
  10. [Vol live at Crystal Castle-Oakland 6/18/19] by VOL on [Vol live at Crystal Castle-Oakland 6/18/19] (NA)
  11. Tom From Space by Hits on Santo New Mixes (NA)
  12. Totem Bag by Max Nordile on Primordial Gaffe (Paisley Shirt Records )