Rude Awakening 081: Happy 50th Mike Park


  1. Caeser by Jabber on Forever (Asian Man Records)
  2. How Can I? by Long Knives on The Subject
  3. A Slippery Subject by The Bananas on A Slippery Subject (Secret Center)
  4. In the Bed by SOAR on dark / gold (father/daughter records)
  5. I'm Glad I'm Alive by No Torso on Several Brains (Asian Man Records)
  6. Break
  7. Where The Hell is Mike Sinkovich by Less Than Jake on Pezcore (Asian Man Records)
  8. Wide Awake by Mu330 on Chumps on Parade (Asian Man Records)
  9. No Such Thing by Link 80 on Killing Katie EP (Asian Man Records)
  10. 25 Degrees North by The Broadways on Broken Star (Asian Man Records)
  11. Hang by The Chinkees on ... Are Coming (Asian Man Records)
  12. Break
  13. True Hell by Dowsing on True Hell (Asian Man Records)
  14. Walk You Again by DOGBRETH on Walk You Again (Asian Man Records)
  15. Deserve by The Abruptors on Deserve (Asian Man Records)
  16. Crumbling by Grumpster on Crumbling (Asian Man Records)
  17. All I Need by Small Crush on Small Crush (Asian Man Records)
  18. October Lied To Us by The Murderburgers on What A Mess (Asian Man Records)
  19. Deprivation Well by Everywhen on Summer Singles (Lauren Records)
  20. Herd by Hard Girls on Floating Now (Asian Man Records)
  21. You Don't Know by Monkey on Cruel Tutelage (Asian Man Records)
  22. Break
  23. Supposed To Be There Too by Mike Park on For The Love of Music (Asian Man Records)
  24. I'm In Love With A Girl Named Spike by Skankin' Pickle on Sing Along With Skankin' Pickle (Dill Records)
  25. You Don't Know by The Chinkees on ... Are Coming (Asian Man Records)
  26. Would I Break My Heart Enough For You by Ogikubo Station on Would I Break My Heart Enough For You (Asian Man Records)
  27. You Got Me Modernized by Kitty Kat Fan Club on Dreamy Little You (Asian Man Records)
  28. Break
  29. Still Down For Tomorrow by Bruce Lee Band on Rental!! Eviction!! (Asian Man Records)
  30. Generations by Bruce Lee Band on Everything Will Be Alright, My Friend (Asian Man Records)
  31. Ms. Me by Bruce Lee Band on Community Support Group (Really Records)
  32. Forward and Back by Bruce Lee Band on Beautiful World (Asian Man Records)
  33. Calling For Me by Bruce Lee Band on Bruce Lee Band (Asian Man Records)
  34. Last Words This Morning by Bruce Lee Band on Beautiful World (Asian Man Records)
  35. Break
  36. Pinata Break by BAT BOY on Couldn't Keep Up (Asian Man Records)
  37. Cincinnati by Big Nothing on Big Nothing (Asian Man Records)
  38. Only Words by Dan P. and the Bricks on When We Were Fearless (Asian Man Records)
  39. Hot Shame by The Atom Age on Hot Shame (Asian Man Records)
  40. Bandstand by Classics of Love on Classics of Love (Asian Man Records)
  41. Break
  42. Give It A Shot by Bad Moves on Tell No One (Don Giovanni Records)
  43. Lipstick by Lemuria on Get Better (Asian Man)
  44. Applebee's Bar by Spraynard on Mable (Jade Tree)
  45. New World by Tacocat on This Mess is a Place (Sub Pop Records)