2010s Faves


  1. Hacker by Death Grips on The Money Store
  2. Bitch I'm Lugubrious by Lil Ugly Mane on Mista Thug Isolation
  3. 2 Cups Stuffed by Young Thug on 1017 Thug (self-released?)
  4. XXX by Danny Brown on XXX (Fool's Gold)
  5. Dance or Die by Janelle Monae on The Archandroid
  6. 50 Cent by Dean Blunt on Black Metal
  7. Moontalk by Laurel Halo on Dust (Hyperdub)
  8. Husbands by Savages on Husbands
  9. Twists & Turns & Headtrips by Milk Music on Mystic 100s (self-released)
  10. I Forgive You by Protomartyr on The Agent Intellect (Hardly Art)
  11. Crank by Palm on Trading Basics (Exploding In Sound)
  12. Stuck in the South by Adia Victoria on Beyond the Bloodhounds
  13. Carissa by Sun Kil Moon on Benji (Caldo Verde)
  14. Ugly Brunette by Horse Jumpers of Love on Horse Jumpers of Love
  15. Carousel by Itasca on Open to Chance (Paradise of Bachelors)