clementine — 18


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  1. Faces by Failed Flowers on Faces (Slumberland) $ Buy
  2. Private Show by Black Marble on Bigger Than Life (Scared Bones) $ Buy
  3. Only One by Ex-Vöid on Only One (Perfect) $ Buy
  4. Tennis (I Feel Ok) by Gum Country on Gum Country (Lollipop) $ Buy
  5. Seven Seas by Velocity Girl on Seven Seas (Heaven) $ Buy
  6. Viking Hair by Dry Cleaning on Boundary Road Snacks And Drinks (It's OK) $ Buy
  7. Blotter by Olivia’s World on Olivia’s World (Lost Sound Tapes) $ Buy
  8. Trilobite by Store Front on Trilobite (Self Released) $ Buy
  9. Well, Fuck by Mal Blum on Pity Boy (Don Giovanni) $ Buy
  10. Brighton Blvd by Lisa Prank on Perfect Love Song (Father/Daughter) $ Buy
  11. Graduate and Congratulate by Stove on Is A Toad In The Rain (Exploding In Sound) $ Buy
  12. Dagger Babes by Makeout Vertigo on Can't Always Be There (Jigsaw) $ Buy
  13. Falling Off of My Feet Again by Jeanines on Jeanines (Slumberland) $ Buy
  14. Let Me Have This by The Radio Dept. on I Don't Need Love, I Got My Band (Just So!) $ Buy