Impromptu festival

Ebo Taylor



Eartheater: new album


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  1. Chant to mother earth by B.Lo on Nigeria 70 (Strut) $ Buy
  2. Travellin’ Man by Stanley cowell on Travellin’ Man (Black lion ) $ Buy
  3. Senegal seduction by Charlotte adigery on Charlotte adigery (DEEWEE) $ Buy
  4. 21st century romance by Sun ra on The night of the purple moon (Enterplanatery koncepts) $ Buy
  5. Until my heart explodes by Birdhaus on Birdhaus vol.1 (Industrials WIO) $ Buy
  6. Fontanel by Eartheater on Trinity (Chemical X) $ Buy
  7. Dance with me by Deux on Decadence (Minimal wave) $ Buy
  8. Don’t let me go to the dogs by R. Stevie Moore on Swing & a miss (1977 R. Stevie Moore) $ Buy
  9. Supersoaker by Eartheater on Trinity (Chemical X) $ Buy
  10. Amebo by Lijadu Sisters on Danger (Knitting factory) $ Buy
  11. Electric ballad by Eddie Harris on Silver cycles (Atlantic ) $ Buy
  12. Quasar by Birdhaus on Quasar (Industrials WIO) $ Buy
  13. +371 by dominique dumont on five years of loving notes (antinote) $ Buy
  14. Preservation by Eartheater on Trinity (Chemical X) $ Buy
  15. Space commercial by Eddie Harris on Is It In (Atlantic) $ Buy
  16. Yes indeed by Ebo taylor on Life stories (Strut) $ Buy
  17. heavy soul by ike quebec on heavy soul (bue note) $ Buy
  18. circle one by ela orleans on circles of upper and lower hell (night school) $ Buy
  19. Lord have mercy by Lijadu sisters on Danger (Strut) $ Buy
  20. le soilel dans le mond by dominique dumont on miniatures de auto rhythm (antinote) $ Buy
  21. Can you hear the music by Rolling stones on Goats head soup (Promotone B.V.) $ Buy