Sounds In The Dark - 11.13.19

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Tonight's edition is a blissful mix of minimal drones, beats and bits of guitar and piano from Strom Noir, Geotic, Pan-American, Jack Hyde, Gas, and plenty more for your listening pleasure.


Spatial Ambiguity – Earthen SeaGrass and Trees (2019) Kranky

Talk Break 

Ghost – Samsuo – The Other Gold Side (2019) Whitelabrecs 

Cairn – Jack HydeLowlands (2019) Whitelabrecs 

Memphis Helena – Pan-AmericanA Son (2019) Kranky 

Pale the Clerics Pass – Tokyo BloodwormPalestine (2011)Moteer 

Talk Break 

Our Thirsting World – William Ryan FritchDeceptiveCadence: Music for Film Volume I and II (2019) Lost Tribe Sound 

Long Voyages Often Lose Themselves – Seabuckthorn -Turns(2017) Lost Tribe Sound 

Rising Clouds – Strom NoirMusic for the Succulents (2011)Rural Colours 

5 – David NewlynPhantom Songs 1-9 (2014) 

Talk Break 

Burn – ManualThe North Shore / Bliss Out Vol. 20 (2004)Darla 

Troperens – GeoticTroperens (2019) 

Love Knows Where – HakobuneLove Knows Where (2015)Constellation Tatsu 

Talk Break 

Rausch 1 – GasRausch (2018) Kompakt 

All at Once Is What Eternity Is – Celer - All at Once IsWhat Eternity Is (2010) taalem 

Talk Break 

Man of Science, Man of Faith – Man MountainTo Call EachThing By Its Right Name (2013) Spartan Records