(with Bells Rang)

Special guests Bells Rang present their upcoming self-titled record live on BFF.fm.

The first single Tone Poem is out November 22nd. The album Bells Rang is out February 15.

Make sure to see them play Amnesia in San Francisco on November 22nd and Elbo Room Jack London in Oakland on December 7th.


  1. Take by Andy Stott on It Should Be Us (Modern Love)
  2. Baby Came Out Like Good Gear in the Sun by The Hers on Tough C**t (Self-released)
  3. Raising Up, Removal by Layne on Let Love Decide, Pt. 1 (Downwards )
  4. Like Everyone by Tony or Tony on W.E.A.R. Tony (Quiet Time Tapes)
  5. No No No No by Shit And Shine on NO NO NO NO (OOH-sounds)
  6. Over The Rainbow by HTRK on Over The Rainbow (Boomkat Editions)
  7. Four Flows by Cam Deas on Mechanosphere (The Death Of Rave)
  8. The Metaphor of a Party by Yann Novak on Slowly Dismantling (Room40)
  9. Tone Poem by Bells Rang on Bells Rang (Self-released)
  10. Speed Queen by Bells Rang on Bells Rang (Self-released)
  11. Knife by Bells Rang on Bells Rang (Self-released)