transfiguration #116 special guest mix Ayana JJ (Japan) Night on Earth


  1. Nando Godín by Meca Meca
  2. Canto Al Ser (Ulises Remix) by Gabriel O'shea
  3. intiche by Technology of Freedom
  4. Peter Power by Dansakoni (Ikaru Rework)
  5. Shout (Lev Tatarov Edit) by Tears For Fears
  6. Temple Of Divine Serpent (LaniAkea Interpretation) by San Miguel & Our Why
  7. Open Up The Channel by Sabo
  8. Gold Jaguar (Original mix) by Zuma Dionys
  9. Calling The Wind by Raidho
  10. Marimbora by Matanza & Sabo
  11. Just for the Joy (Original Mix) by Absentune
  12. Aquelarre (Original Mix) by Gabriel O'shea
  13. For Rosa (Nalin Remix) by Rasar
  14. Canto De La Luna (Original Mix) by Renzo Zong Feat. Bachan
  15. Canto Al Ser (Original Mix) by Gabriel O'shea
  16. D'Hwange (Armen Miran Remix) by Amentia
  17. Quizumba by Juliano Gomez
  18. Victoria (Canson Remix) by Amentia
  19. Ama Mpondo (Unders Remix) by Señora
  20. Una (Carrot Green Remix) by Ulises
  21. Napauken Feat. Fruiterama (Original Mix) by Shkoon, Fruiterama
  22. Syria (Satori Remix) by Unders
  23. Pump Of The Jam (Intiche Edit) by Technotronic
  24. Lala by Shkoon
  25. Aboard the Apollo by HTRK on Over The Rainbow