Italo Disco Nap

According to Urban Dictionary, an Italo Disco Nap is a nap followed by an espresso. I guess it fits this episode featuring a selection of fresh Italo-disco tunes on the downtempo side; enjoy it!

Episode #188


  1. Addicted To Ganja by Kruder / Hunter
  2. Nite Cape by Italic Disco
  3. Infinity Machine by Daniele Baldelli & Dario Piana
  4. Medicine Man by Mytron & Ofofo
  5. Hula Hoop by Jupiter
  6. Mopedbart by Hubbabubbaklubb
  7. Oblique by Italic Disco
  8. Monarch by Marley Carroll
  9. Bibi Na Mpu (Maurice Fulton Dub) by Mim Suleiman
  10. Fresh In My Mind (I:Cube Remix) by A Forest Mighty Black
  11. Lapis Lazuli by Ekorce
  12. Division Ave by Krystal Klear
  13. Jaas Func Haus (Rahaan remix) by Kapote
  14. Recovery by Paskal & Urban Absolutes
  15. Air (959er remix) by Ninze & Okaxy
  16. Liberate by Italic Disco
  17. Disco Purga by Nino Msk
  18. Freestyle Fiesta This Friday at Revolution Cafe! by Nino Msk