transfiguration #117 fall feels mix (tina burner)


  1. ID by PJS on Ears
  2. The Path of Axinite by Imaginary Softwoods on Gold Fiction Loop Garden
  3. Hair Air by Inoyama Land on Commissions: 1977-2000
  4. A Quiet Invitation by Channelers on The Depth of Rest
  5. Forest Hymn by Poemme on Moments in Golden Light
  6. Off Kilter by Halftribe on Backwater Revisited
  7. Lullabies of the Lost (feat. Mark de Clive-Lowe, Shinpei Ruike, Tsuyoshi Kosuga, Wataru Hamasaki, Sauce81, Kenichi Ikeda, Kohei Ando & Shun Ishiwaka) by Ronin Arkestra
  8. Earth Tones by Yadava on Earth Tones
  9. Noir by Afriqua on Colored
  10. Jabrain Eno by Psee / Mårble / Koyil on Trainspotti
  11. Elf's Promise by Weeping Bong Band on II
  12. Ory (Joyous Toil) by Botany on Deepak Verbera
  13. Trio for Cello, Piano and Violin by Kajsa Lindgren on Everyone Is Here
  14. Turning Invisible in an Imaginary Rose Garden One Evening by Jonny Dillon on Songs for a One-String Guitar
  15. Marcel by Teebs on Anicca
  16. A Daydream by Heather Woods Broderick on Invitation
  17. This Time by Matthew Halsall on Sending My Love
  18. Baby's First Blade Of Grass by OCA on Aging
  19. The Presence of the Time Travellers (Dream FX) by Lootbeg on Ufo1
  20. Paolina by Mallard on "Balancing"
  21. No Reality by Akasha System on Temple Images
  22. Moonlit by Stag Hare on Velvet and Bone
  23. Clear Sky Cold Wind by Mazzo on Sound For Gardening
  24. Summer With C by Antenna on Quiet FX
  25. Intersect Encounter by Space Dimension Controller on Love Beyond the Intersect
  26. Lustrous Orb by John Beltran on The Season Series EP: Autumn
  27. Natura by Shanti Celeste on Tangerine
  28. No Vacation by Salamanda on Our Lair
  29. Deep Autumn Ritual in the Pines by Jesita Reyes & Ben Tavera King on NATIVE AMERICAN FLUTES & SOUNDS OF NATURE
  30. Clean Lungs (Benoit Pioulard Remix) by Botany on Remixed Verbera