sadderday, #124


  1. Nothing, Thank You by Colossal on Welcome The Problems (Asian Man)
  2. Title Track by Origami Angel on Somewhere CIty (Self Released)
  3. Take Your Shoes Off, Thank My Mom by Spraynard on Cut And Paste (Runner Up)
  4. THICC THICCLY by Bilmuri on THICC THICCLY (Self Released)
  5. Whispering by Able Baker Fox on Voice (Second Nature)
  6. Over This by Ace Enders and A Million Different People on When I Hit The Ground (Vagrant)
  7. Bridge and Tunnel by The Honorary Title on Anything Else But The Truth (Doghouse)
  8. Better by With Confidence on Love and Loathing (Hopeless)
  9. You Should Be Hated Here by Carissa's Wierd on Songs About Leaving (Sad Robot)
  10. No Hope by I'll Get By on Tiny Room (Self Released)
  11. A Question by Hotel Books on Equivalency II: Everything We Left Out (InVogue)
  12. Pravděpodobnost výskytu by nulajednanulanula on mit Liebe aus Sudeten (0100pride)
  13. Beg by Dikembe on Hail Something Demos (Death Protector)
  14. Fox by Dogleg on Fox (Self released)
  15. Divorce and the American West by aaron west and the roaring twenties on we don't have each other (hopeless)
  16. You Were A Pride Of Lions by Anna Flyaway on Tomorrow I Will Take A Knife To Your Confidence (Count Your Lucky Stars!)
  17. Patches by Jimmy Eat World on Jimmy Eat World (Wooden Blue)
  18. Air Traffic Control by Jets To Brazil on Four Cornered NIght (Jade Tree)
  19. Thank-You For the Memories by Gillian Carter on The Flood that came after the Storm (Self Released)
  20. Thank You Very Much For Gathering Today by echelons on The Morning Sun & The End Of The World (Self Released)
  21. I'll Thank You Later by Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start on Worst Band Name Ever (Self Released)
  22. Even by Julien Baker on Turn Out the Lights (Matador)
  23. I Believe by Acceptance on Lost For Words (Rocketstar)
  24. Thanksgiving Grey by The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up on Picks Us Apart (Absolutely Kosher)
  25. Sadie by Alkaline Trio on Remains (Vagrant)
  26. En Troupeau Des Louves En Trompe L'oeil Des Agneaux by Celeste on Morte(s) Née(s) (Denovali)
  27. Your Own Knife by Counterparts on Nothing Left To Love (Pure Noise)
  28. Transcontinental by Pedro The Lion on Achilles Heel (Jade Tree)
  29. Thanks To You by Copeland on Dressed Up & In Line (The Millitia Group)