27 - The First Annual Turkey Day Spectacularoony


  1. I'm Never Gonna Tell It by Funkadelic on Tales Of Kidd Funkadelic (Wesbound)
  2. Stop Ou Encore by Plastic Bertrand on Stop Ou Encore (Sugarscoop )
  3. When Am I Going To Make A Living by Sade on Diamond Life (Epic)
  4. 外星人 by 高妮妮, 程进 on 七色火 ( 中国唱片)
  5. The Second Arrangement (demo) by Steely Dan on Gaucho Outtakes vol 2 (- )
  6. Bionic Eyes by Andy Nelson on Lady Angie (Carrere)
  7. Na Real Sekele Fo' Ya by Pasteur Lappe on Na Man Pass Man (Africa Seven)
  8. ふわりふわふわ by Ruriko Ohgami ‎ on Typhoon Lady (Atlantic)
  9. Dudeldei (Studio Version) by Bodenstandig 2000 on Uber Album (Storage Records)
  10. Aim Your Eye by Miroslav Vitous on Magical Shepherd (WB)
  11. Lady by unknown artist on unknown album (help me figure this one out!)
  12. Desire by The Dispossessed on Desire (Low Spark)
  13. Airwaves by Thomas Dolby on The Golden Age Of Wireless (WB)
  14. Nineveh Noose by Gary S. Paxton on More From The Astonishing, Outrageous, Amazing, Incredible, Unbelievable, Gary S. Paxton (Newpax)
  15. Big Day by Phil Manzanera ‎ on Diamond Head (Island Records)
  16. Till You Get Enough by Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band on In The Jungle, Babe (WB)
  17. Bra by Cymande ‎ on Cymande (Janus Records)
  18. Topanga Windows by Spirit on Spirit (Sony)
  19. Mindrocker by Fenwyck on Nuggets (Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968) (Rhino )
  20. Anibal by Los Relampagos ‎ on Paginas Musicales De La Historia De España (RCA )
  21. Magician by Ruth White on 7 Trumps From The Tarot Cards And Pinions (Limelight)
  22. Like A Ship by Pastor T. L. Barrett And The Youth For Christ Choir ‎ on Like A Ship... (Without A Sail) (Light in the Attic)
  23. Goodbye Darling by Alan Vega ‎ on Saturn Strip (Ze)
  24. ? by Les Rallizes Denudes on 81-88 Live & Soundboard (Illegal-Alien Records)