Ep.85 12.08.19 (Cold Out There, Humid In Here)


  1. Injection of Blackness by Malika B., Dave Hucker on Gabriele Poso Presens the Languages of Tambores (BBE Music)
  2. Break
  3. Arohiohi by Nicolas Gaunin on Noa Noa Noa (Hive Mind Records)
  4. Climbing Up by Cool Maritime on Sharing Waves (Leaving Records)
  5. Deaf World Dub by Vakula on Untitled (Rubadub)
  6. Bonita by Ninetoes on Bonita EP (Moon Harbour Recordings)
  7. Ambassadors of the Jungle by Sweely on Les chroniques de monsieur Montana, pt.2 (Concrete music)
  8. Ice Cream by Bryte on Ice Cream (R&S Records)
  9. Bleep Test by SNOW on More Time Records, Vol.1 (R&S Records)
  10. Dr. Drago by Gene On Earth on Small Hours 001 (Small Hours)
  11. Washed Away by DJOKO on Washed Away EP (PIV Records)
  12. A Parade by Loidis on A Parade, In The Place I Sit, The Floating World (& All Its Pleasures) (anno)
  13. Untitled 01 by Unknown on Unknown 01 (Romain Megroz)
  14. Native Revolution by Trinidadian Deep on Native Revolution (Damian Lee Ah Yen)
  15. Brablank by Perm on Quewupp (KANN)
  16. The Twirler - Central Mix by Ciel on Hundred Flowers (Coastal Haze)
  17. Being by Shanti Celeste on Being (Future Time Records)
  18. Morus by Plants Dub on Music from the Trees (Pregnant Void)
  19. Angel Garden (Seiho Remix by Yialmelic Frequencies on Angel Garden (Seiho Remix) (Leaving Records)
  20. Planned Earth by Georgia on Import Fruit (FTD)