The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #182

yer fav new algo hits!


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  1. groove 10.2 by Kindohm on groove 10 (Visit $ Buy
  2. Break
  3. groove 9.1 by loopdrive on groove 9 (Visit $ Buy
  4. hangtime by motion (-) $ Buy
  5. Contra_A1 by Rian Treanor on Contraposition EP (-) $ Buy
  6. Sentik Pin by Richard Devine on Sort\Lave (Visit $ Buy
  7. c16 deep tread by Autechre on elseq 1 (Warp) $ Buy
  8. Variation memcut by Vou on PFM Vol. 1 (Visit $ Buy
  9. 159 by Turning Torso on CODE320 (Visit $ Buy
  10. senior fade by Trash Panda QC on CODE845 (Visit $ Buy
  11. Naja by Lee Gamble on Exhaust (Hyperdub) $ Buy
  12. setside by dakim on youdecide (Visit $ Buy
  13. Part 1: The Occultation of 3C 273 - 2 by Mark Fell on UL8 (Visit $ Buy
  14. Milk by Venetian Snares on Greg Hates Car Culture (Visit $ Buy
  15. Moo Orphaned Drift by Lanark Artefax on Corra Linn (Visit $ Buy
  16. Scraping My Feet by Loraine James on For You and I (Visit $ Buy
  17. Tiamat [Babylonian] by AGF aka poemproducer aka Antye Greie on GaiA EP (Visit $ Buy
  18. Spill by HXE on INDS (Visit $ Buy
  19. Fuersieerihn by Wolff Parkinson White on ErSieIhnum (Visit $ Buy
  20. HAUNT by Elvin Brandhi on forever (Visit $ Buy
  21. Hectadrums by rRoxymore on Face to Phase (Visit $ Buy
  22. Leave Them All Behind by Helm on Chemical Flowers (Visit $ Buy
  23. /sʌɪts/ by CLD.RĀN on /ˈsʌndri/ (Visit $ Buy
  24. Gills by Mister Water Wet on Bought The Farm (OUEST095) (Visit $ Buy