1. AS Another Life by Amnesia Scanner on Another Life (PAN)
  2. Lost It by InsideInfo (self released)
  3. Microdose by Circuits on Microdose (Critical Music))
  4. Wolf by Halogenix on Lordel (Deadbeats)
  5. Lambo by Need For Mirrors on Future (V Recordings)
  6. Space War by Ivy Lab, Onoe Caponoe, L-zee Roselli on Space War EP (20/20 LDN)
  7. Serpent by TNGHT (Warp Records)
  8. Lockii by Kai Whiston, Iglooghost, BABii on XYZ (Gloo)
  9. HIGH by LOS (self released)
  10. How’z It Mutha by Traxman on Tha Volt Vol. 1 (self released)
  11. Victim by Traxman on Tha Volt Vol. 1 (self released)
  12. Tramp Guy by Traxman on Tha Volt Vol. 1 (self released)
  13. FUKOUTTAHERE by Traxman on Tha Volt Vol. 1 (self released)
  14. Petty Passion by Lapalux on Ruinism (Brainfeeder))
  15. Run It by Kai Whiston on No World As Good As Mine (Lux)
  16. Zip It by Ivy Lab on Space War EP (20/20 LDN))
  17. Existential by Acemo on Existential (self released)
  18. Tears In Rain by Zomby on Where Were You In ‘92? (Cult Music))
  19. Waited (feat. Melanie Guerrero) [Aleph Remix] ( - ) by Whatsoul_ on Reverie (Renraku)
  20. Heeez Baaad (Radio Edit) by L-VIS 1990 / DANCE SYSTEM (self released)
  21. Get Ready (Go) by EL BLANCO NINO on 32 (self released))
  22. buriedMIX2 //burial dj kicks??’08 by Flying Lotus (unreleased))
  23. All I Ever Wanted by TAH (self released)
  24. petty ha by mega hostile (self released)
  25. Breaking by Kyodai (local talk)
  26. No Body by RP Boo on I’ll Tell You What! (Planet Mu))
  27. 10% Ft. Kali Uchis by Kaytranada (RCA)
  28. CYN by Actress on AZD (Ninja Tune)
  29. bring me down by stanton warriors
  30. the club by ghost
  31. highrise by hope for peace
  32. future sondon of london by we flew together on singel
  33. numb (orriginal eclipes) by stephane k
  34. shining by sounds&sequence
  35. untitled b by regis
  36. bottle by wishmountain
  37. acid by sextraffic on unreleased
  38. never the same by amelie lens
  39. lox by blawan
  40. 04 by sextraffic on unreleased
  41. 01 by sextraffic on unreleased