Ep.86 12.15.19 (End Of The Year)


  1. Claustro by Burial on Tunes 2011-2019 (Hyperdub)
  2. Break
  3. A Flower, Nocturnal and Permanent by AMAZONDOTCOM on Mirror River (SUBREAL)
  4. Assiah Dance by Chants on Assiah Dance (Astral Plane Recordings)
  5. Prop O Deed by Proc Fiskal on Prop O Deed (Hyperdub)
  6. Random Loop From Doepfer Site by Karima F on Karima F (Schloss Records)
  7. Paris Nord-Est by De Grandi on Paris Nord-Est (Paradoxe Club)
  8. Kisloty People by Schake on Kisloty Forever (Kisloty)
  9. She Rock I Roll - Nathan Micay's Tri-Gun Arp Attack Remix by Chelou on She Rock I Roll (Remixed) (Concrete Dog Records)
  10. Funeral Song by Whodat, Viola Klein on Workshop 26 (Workshop)
  11. Dreamer by Four Tet on Dreamer (Text Records)
  12. Trade On Azul by Kangding Ray on Predawn Qualia EP (ara)