Tuff Signals


  1. Bird Tracks in the Snow by Savak on Mirror Maker (Self Released)
  2. Bad Decisions by B Boys on Bad Decisions (Captured Tracks)
  3. Vacancies by Constant Insult on History in Shorthand (Let's Pretend Records)
  4. Stormy Weather by The Prissteens on The Hound (Girlsville)
  5. Out of Control by Midnight Snaxxx on Music Inside (Slovenly Records)
  6. Missing Pieces by Evening Standards on Worlds End (Let's Pretend Records)
  7. 5 a 7 by Carambolage on Carambolage (Howlin Banana)
  8. Like & Used To by Summer Cannibals on Can't Tell Me No (Self Released)
  9. Sweet Ghost Inc. by Elsa Lester on Back From Vacation (Self Released)
  10. A Man Like Me by Ian Kay on A Man Like Me (Hidden Volume)
  11. Riding Solo by Hinds (Lucky Number)
  12. The Ricochet by The Routes on Tune Out Switch Off (Groovie Records)
  13. Anhedonia by Ducks Unlimited on Get Bleak EP (Bobo Integral)
  14. Passing Phrase by Notches on New Kinda Love (Salinas Records)
  15. In Between by Gentle Heat on Phase (Self Released)
  16. Corridor by No Tongues for Quiet People on Joint Fortune (Self Released)
  17. Get My Mind Right by Fiddlehead on Get My Mind Right (Self Released)
  18. Too Late by Courettes on Dynamite EP (Groovie Records 2019)
  19. Estan Cambiando los colores de la vida by Las Suecas on Las Suecas (Groovie Records)
  20. Frontline by Electric Retro Spectrum on Sub-Urban (Stolen Body Records)
  21. Innocent Crime by Is This Real on The Pinheads (Stolen Body Records)
  22. Pressure Point by Personality Cult on New Arrows (Dirtnap Records)
  23. Hung Up (Circle) by The Hussy on Looming (Dirtnap Records)
  24. Earth's Edge by The Shitdels on Shape-Shift Faces (What's for Breakfast? Records)
  25. Dance Cop by No Men on Hell Was Full So We Came Back (Let's Pretend Records)
  26. Leatherbound by Hitter on Mini LP (Let's Pretend Records 2019)
  27. Brain Matter by Werewolf Jones on Werewolf Jones (Rare Plant)
  28. Lost My Mind by Eroders on Eroders (Outer Limits Lounge Recordings)
  29. Baygon by Fumaca Preta on Pepas (Stolen Body Records)
  30. May I Interject by Repo Man on I Can Live With It If You Can, Son (Stolen Body Records)
  31. Heavy Metal by Cindy Lee on What's Tonight to Eternity (Superior Viaduct)
  32. Indiana by Blowout on No Beer, No Dad (Lauren)
  33. Tale Of Order by Saint Pe on * (Self Released)