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  1. Merry go round by The equatics on Loving on the flipside (Now again) $ Buy
  2. Un soir chez nortis by Pierre cavalli on Evasion 71 (Evasion music) $ Buy
  3. Sunny by Buddy fo and his group on When it’s time to go (Surf side Hawaii ) $ Buy
  4. On the corner take 4 by Miles Davis on The complete on the corner sessions (Columbia ) $ Buy
  5. memory band by rotary connection on rotary connecton (geffen) $ Buy
  6. The man in the dark sedan by Snakefinger on The man in the dark sedan (Celluloid ) $ Buy
  7. Is That Enough by Marvin Gay on Trouble man (Motown) $ Buy
  8. The winter palace by Cleaners from Venus on Under wartime conditions (Mr.Mule) $ Buy
  9. The pop by Gary Davis on Chocolate star (Traffic entertainment group) $ Buy
  10. Going home by Buddy Fo and his group on When it’s time to go (Surf side Hawaii ) $ Buy
  11. Hazrat Nizamuddin by Rich Ruth on Calming Signals (Saltern) $ Buy
  12. No Other by Gene Clark on No Other (Asylum) $ Buy
  13. Le froid by Charlotte Adigéry on Charlotte Adigéry (DEEWEE) $ Buy
  14. Oboe by Jackie mittoo on The keyboard king (Observer music) $ Buy
  15. Gamma Ray Blue by Laura Groves on Gamma Ray Blue (Deek Recordings) $ Buy
  16. Star eyes by Eddie kamae on Heart of the ukulele (Mahalo records ) $ Buy
  17. Miracles by Johnnie Frierson on Have you been good to yourself (Light in the attic) $ Buy
  18. Heavy air by Pure X on Pleasure (Pure x/infinite best) $ Buy
  19. Unmasked by Robert wyatt on A short break (Floating world) $ Buy
  20. Didn’t want to have to do it by Rotary connection on S/T (Geffen) $ Buy
  21. Winter palace 2 by The cleaners from venus on Songs for a fallow land (Captured tracks) $ Buy