Sounds In The Dark - 1.1.2020 - Best of 2019

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Play Loading… Pause's first show of 2020 (SF local time) features my favorite records and tunes from 2019! Notable for the year is the large number of collaborative records making it to the top of the list, not to mention a particularly strong showing from Whitelabrecs and 12k.


Ascent - Neil Cowley + Ben Lukas BoysonGrains & Motes– Erased Tapes 

Talk Break 

Marlen - Benoit Pioulard + Sean Curtis PatrickAvocationals – Beacon Sound 

Haven Returns – Ian Hawgood + Phil TomsettFragmented Boundaries– Home Normal 

Format – Max WurdenFormat – ASIP 

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For Her Breath Is On All That Hath Life – Offthesky + TheHumble BeeAll Other Voices Gone, Only Yours Remains – IIKKI 

Persistent – LoscilLifelike 

Us, Inside – Arovane + Mike LazarevAeon  

Subtractive Skies – Steve HauschildtNonlin

Talk Break

Trees and Stones – Purl + protoUSub Life - Dronarivm

Cairn – Jack HydeLowlands – Whitelabrecs 

Recital – EluviumPianoworks - Temporary Residence 

Mount Carmel – M. GrigMount Carmel – 12k

Talk BreakTundra - Glasbird - Gronland - Whitelabrecs

Violante (Lost in a Dream) - Purl - Violante (Lost in a Dream) - Archives

A Handful of Dust - Corey Fuller - Break - 12k

Talk Break

False Awakening - Strom Noir - Uprostred Rieky 

Photo by Rob Chandler - NYE 2006 Sydney, CC BY 2.0,