1. Hello by Jaunt on Chat - EP (Self-Released)
  2. One For Weston by Pardoner on Playin On A Cloud (Self-Released)
  3. Glass Pendant by Dye on Psychic Data (Copper Mouth Records)
  4. Alone by Blues Lawyer on Something Different (Mt.St.Mtn.)
  5. Young by Baseball Gregg on Single (Self-Released)
  6. Never Available by The Umbrellas on Maritime E.P. (Self-Released)
  7. The Dark by Andy Bender on Single (Self-Released)
  8. Goner by Half Stack on Aw Hell - EP (Self-Released)
  9. Always by April Magazine on Hot Sick Vile And Fun - New Sounds From San Francisco (Rocks in Your Head Records)
  10. Anymore by Max Gardener on Children Melting Velvet (Self-Released)
  11. Nostalgic Montage by Salami Rose Joe Louis on Zdenka 2080 (Brainfeeder)
  12. Michelle Pfeiffer by Mahawam on Is an Island - EP (Molly House Records)
  13. Under the Sun by Spellling on Mazy Fly (Sacred Bones)
  14. Harsh by Bear Call on Fancy Acid (Self-Released)
  15. Get Well Soon by Boy Scouts on Free Company (Anti)
  16. Thinking of You by Meernaa on Heart Hunger (Self-Released)
  17. Terminator Froze by Tia Nomore on Single (Text Me Records)
  18. Reckless by Astu on Single (Self-Released)
  19. Rubber Band by Pendant on Through a Coil (Tiny Engines)
  20. Village by Club Night on What Life (Tiny Engines)
  21. Jaywalk Over Me by Shutups on Every Day I'm Less Zen (Astro Lizard Records)
  22. Freefall (feat. Durand Bernarr) by KAYTRANADA on BUBBA (RCA)
  23. In the Afternoon by MGMT on Single (Self-Released)
  24. You and I by Caribou on Suddenly (Merge)
  25. Futsal Shuffle 2020 by Lil Uzi Vert on Single (Atlantic)
  26. Let Me Know (I Wonder Why Freestyle) by Juice WRLD on Single (Interscope)
  27. Untitled by Mk.gee on Single (Self-Released)
  28. Surrender by Merci Ariya on Angels in the Sky (Self-Released)
  29. A Feeling by Zack Villere on Single (Self-Released)
  30. On Me (feat. Dijon) by Mulherin on Single (Self-Released)
  31. Beats by Begonia on Fear (Rex Baby Records)
  32. Better (feat. Indigo General) by OFLO on Single (Self-Released)
  33. Bad News (feat. Vivian) by So Much Light on Single (Anti)