The Hanging Garden Radio Show 3/26 with Christina Death interview!


  1. Reflecting the Rain by In Letter Form
  2. Video Boys by Circuit 7
  3. Synapse by Linea Aspera
  4. Utopia by Brendan Perry
  5. Hate Us and See If We Mind by Rome
  6. Step In Time by Psychic Youth
  7. Life Kills by Human League
  8. Observer by Gary Numan
  9. Out Of Mind by The Cure
  10. Ascension by Kirlian Camera
  11. CLub Legend 34 by Eye De Line
  12. Incendiary Lover by Gitane Demone
  13. Dogs by Christian Death
  14. Strap Me Down by Leather Strip
  15. Dancing Ghost by Corpus Delicti
  16. London Dungeon by The Misfits
  17. The Tenant by Play Dead
  18. Witch Hunt by Inkubus Sukkubus
  19. Coldbeat by The Sound
  20. Talk About Nothing by Angels of Liberty
  21. Shimmering Warm and Bright by Bel Canto