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  1. Tyranny 20 by kit sebastian on mantramoderne (mr bongo) $ Buy
  2. Stalkin' by Duane Eddy on Have 'Twangy' Guitar Will Travel (Jamie) $ Buy
  3. vodoo doll by the residents on intruders (cherry red records) $ Buy
  4. scarecrow by wand on laughing matter (drag city) $ Buy
  5. 'ndrangheta allotment by meatraffle on 'ndrangheta allotment (drastic decline) $ Buy
  6. ghost rider by suicide on suicide (red star records) $ Buy
  7. saint george by dungen, woods on myths 003 (mexican summer) $ Buy
  8. you're gonna miss me by the GOASTT on you're gonna miss me (chimera music) $ Buy
  9. bum hour by LIFE on a picture of good health (afghan moon) $ Buy
  10. snake eyes by trouble on snake eyes (sacred bones) $ Buy
  11. totally wired by the fall on grotesque (after the gramme) (rough trade records) $ Buy
  12. san francisco nights by gabor szabo, the california dreamers on wind sky and diamonds (impulse! records) $ Buy
  13. the pink room by angelo badalamenti on twin peaks: fire walk with me (warner records) $ Buy
  14. try me by W.I.T.C.H. on Witch: We Intend to Cause Havoc! (Now Again) $ Buy
  15. sleepy silver door by dead meadow on dead meadow (Tolotta Records) $ Buy
  16. mother by IDLES on brutalism (balley records) $ Buy
  17. come on lord by alan vega, alex chilton, ben vaughn on cubist blues (thirsty ear recordings) $ Buy
  18. the only one by the dolly rocker movement on our days mind the thyme (bad afro) $ Buy
  19. trying to please by the spyrals on the spyrals (mock records) $ Buy
  20. it's all in her head by dead rabbits on the ticket that exploded (fuzz club) $ Buy
  21. fringe runner by fat white family on serfs up! (domino) $ Buy
  22. papyrus by Idris Ackamoor & the Pyramids on An Angel Fell (Strut) $ Buy
  23. wishing well by the everywheres on dignity forever (self) $ Buy
  24. morning sun by the underground youth on sadovaya (fuzz club) $ Buy
  25. the crescent ship by bad liquor pond on blue smoke orange sky (MT6 records) $ Buy