clementine — oldie indiepop gems 23


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  1. Nothing Much At All by Even As We Speak on Feral Pop Frenzy (Sarah) $ Buy
  2. Modestic by Heavenly on The Decline and Fall of Heavenly (Sarah) $ Buy
  3. Poignant by Pencil Tin on Poignant (Quiddity) $ Buy
  4. Fortune by The Softies on Winter Pageant (K) $ Buy
  5. An Hour Before the Light by The Clientele on A Fading Summer (Shelflife) $ Buy
  6. Sarah by Girl Of The World on Wonderboy (Parasol) $ Buy
  7. Letters by The Relict on Tomorrow is Again (Vegas Morn) $ Buy
  8. Break
  9. Popkiss by Blueboy on Popkiss (Sarah) $ Buy
  10. Strictly Melonhead by Strictly Melonhead on The Melons (Sunday) $ Buy
  11. Never Means Enything by James Dean Driving Experience on Sean Connery (Él) $ Buy
  12. Universe by Lil' Hospital on Universe Sucks (Hugpatch) $ Buy
  13. Botanical Gardens by Language of Flowers on Songs About You (Shelflife) $ Buy
  14. The Solitary Age by California Snow Story on Some Other Places (Rallye) $ Buy
  15. In the Park by Free Loan Investments on Ever Been to Mexico? (Where It's At Is Where You Are) $ Buy
  16. Heed the Call by Sleepy Township on Set Sail (Chapter) $ Buy
  17. Leave you Behind by Bright Coloured Lights on Open Your Eyes (Slumberland) $ Buy