The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #187

ton of great new music this week, with releases by Calum Gunn, Advanced Audio Research, Forest Drive West, Molinaro, Gábor Lázár and way more!


  1. Low Bit Riddim by Eight Frozen Modules on DJ, Riddim & Source (Planet-Mu)
  2. Esephony by Calum Gunn on Addenda (Visit
  3. Symbolic Engine by ADVANCED AUDIO RESEARCH on Top Secret (Visit
  4. I- (w/zwansøund) by Loraine James on New Year's Substitution 2 (Visit
  5. 000sj by J. Albert on my rave ended yours just began (Visit
  6. Creation Dub by Forest Drive West on Parallel Space EP
  7. groove 9.2 by loopdrive on groove 9 (Visit
  8. lash (with nm) (vocal dub) by exael on limerence (Visit
  9. Alogomandra by Romeo Poirier on Plage Arrière
  10. Snutgir by William Fields on Imperfekt (Visit
  11. untitled3 by Sebastian Camens
  12. Travesía 1 by Krypte on CODE120 (Visit
  13. Deleted Conscious by Lake Haze on Glitching Dreams
  14. JTL by Molinaro on APRON EP
  15. this is how i feel by Gayphextwin on gayphextwin / Pépe EP + Digi Bonus (Visit
  16. Fractured by Gábor Lázár on Ghostly Swim 3
  17. When I Fall In Love by El-B on 20 Years Of Ghost Vol.1 (Visit
  18. YOSHIMITSU by Kush Jones on Strictly 4 MY CDJZ 6 (Visit
  19. A Sudden Collapse by Gallery S/MoMA Ready on Gallery S (Visit
  20. Fragmented Simulation by Adam Jay on Inoperable Data (Visit
  21. Wilder's Lake by Unknown Mobile on Mobile Sorcery (Visit
  22. Map of distraction by POINTLESS GEOMETRY on IFS - MONG DISC (Visit
  23. Exit Extinction by Vytear on Kingtrips EP2 (Visit