Chillin because it's chilly


  1. Heartache Tonight - Live by Eagles on Eagles Live (Elektra)
  2. The Wire by Haim on Days are Gone (Haim Productions)
  3. Real Jerk by Spooky Mansion on That's Me! (Spooky Mansion)
  4. Can She Dance by Dr. Dog on Critical 7" (We Buy Gold Records)
  5. Soup Song by Mayya on Opposing the Numb (Self Release)
  6. Me & You Together Song by The 1975 on Single (Dirty Hit)
  7. Call Me by Empress Of on Single (Terrible Records)
  8. Talk About It (B-Side) by Kate Bollinger on Single (Self Release)
  9. Honda by Fashion Jackson on Single (Self Release)
  10. All Me (feat. Keyshia Cole) by Kehlani, Keyshia Cole on Single (TSNMI)
  11. Box by Dude York on Falling (Hardly Art)
  12. Abundance of Pleasure by Mint on Mentha (Slang Church)
  13. Losing Sleep by Lunar Hand on Days Like These (Desert Coast Records)
  14. Your Guy by The Band Ice Cream on Numbskull ( Urban Scandal)
  15. Artificial Sin by Super City on Sanctuary (Self Release)
  16. New Biome by Sure Sure on Sure Sure (Sure Sure)
  17. The Breeze (feat. Zelma Stone) by Baseball Gregg on Single (Self-Released)
  18. The Breeze (feat. Zelma Stone) by Baseball Gregg on Single (Self-Released)
  19. C-Side by khruangbin, leon bridges on texas sun (Dead Oceans)
  20. Carino by The Marias on Superclean, Vol. III (Superclean Records)
  21. Vertigo by Everyone is Dirty on Single (Donut Time Audio)
  22. Chains by Spendtime Palace on Single (Park The Van)
  23. B.V.T.V by The Sleeps on Enter and Enjoy (Big Wave Records)
  24. Jessica WJ by Cayucas on Jessica WJ (Park The Van Records)
  25. Trust No Witch by Locus Pocus on Trust No Witch (Locus Pocus)
  26. Stupid Things by The Growlers on natural affair (beach goth)
  27. グッド・ラック by Shintato Sakamoto (zelone records)
  28. Sunday Soda by French Cassettes on Sunday Soda (Full Frenchy)
  29. Youuu by COIN on Single (The Committee for Sound & Mind)
  30. 10th Grade by Fast Times on Single (Self-Released)
  31. Shy by Hunny on Windows I (HUNNY LLC)
  32. All I've Got by The Moondrops on Bath Songs (Self Released)
  33. Air On Line by Anamanaguchi on [USA] (Polyvinyl 2019)