Casually Crying - Episode 103 - Anna Burch, Four Tops, joyride!, Diners

what the heck is the song 'divine hammer' about ??? tune in to find out !!! i also chat about four tops, the marvelettes, and the bralettes one of my more recent favorites.

feel free to send me an email at with any comments, questions, or requests. or reach out if you're interested in being a guest on casually crying. thanks 4 listening. :')


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  1. You Can't Hurry Love - Live by Four Tops on Four Tops Live (Motown) $ Buy
  2. Fire Island by Blush on Blush (Arrowhawk) $ Buy
  3. Break
  4. Angel Eyes by Habibi on Angel Eyes (Muddguts) $ Buy
  5. circle the drain by Soccer Mommy on Color Theory (Loma Vista) $ Buy
  6. Birdsong Lullaby by Fake Laugh on Mind Tricks / Birdsong Lullaby (Atlantic) $ Buy
  7. You Don't Have to be Lonely by The Undercover Dream Lovers on You Don't Have to be Lonely (The Undercover Dream Lovers) $ Buy
  8. Not So Bad by Anna Burch on Not So Bad (Polyvinyl) $ Buy
  9. In Dreams by Peggy Sue on In Dreams (Peggy Sue) $ Buy
  10. Break
  11. Twistin' U.S.A. by The Shirelles on Baby It's You (Gusto) $ Buy
  12. Needle In A Haystack by The Velvettes on The Very Best of The Velvettes (Motown) $ Buy
  13. Talking About My Baby by The Impressions on Keep On Pushing (Geffen Records) $ Buy
  14. Baby Don't Go by The Supremes on Meet The Supremes (Motown) $ Buy
  15. Where Did You Go by Four Tops on Four Tops (Motown) $ Buy
  16. So Long Baby by The Marvelettes on Please Mr. Postman (Motown) $ Buy
  17. Break
  18. Idk by The Bralettes on Idk (The Bralettes) $ Buy
  19. Highway by The Bralettes on Cheers! (The Bralettes) $ Buy
  20. Cloud 9 by Beach Bunny on Cloud 9 (Mom+Pop) $ Buy
  21. San Mateo by joyride! on Bodies Of Water (Salinas) $ Buy
  22. Magic in Your Eyes by La Sera on Queens (Polyvinyl) $ Buy
  23. Cop Car by Mitski on Cop Car (Dead Oceans) $ Buy
  24. Break
  25. Divine Hammer (Single Version) by The Breeders on Divine Hammer (4AD) $ Buy
  26. April Skies by The Jesus And Mary Chain on Darklands (Rhino Records) $ Buy
  27. I've Been Waiting For You by Pixies on Velouria (4AD) $ Buy
  28. Days Lost by OCD on Quality of Life (Text Me Records) $ Buy
  29. Lovelife by Lush on Split (4AD) $ Buy
  30. I Am Decided by The Amps on Pacer (4AD) $ Buy
  31. Break
  32. Bitter Pill by urbanation on Bitter Pill (urbanation) $ Buy
  33. Days by Dave, Outside on Days (Dave, Outside) $ Buy
  34. Two Days by No Room No Sweetener on Two Days (No Room No Sweetener) $ Buy
  35. Pictures of You by Sonny Smith on Rod for Your Love (Nonesuch) $ Buy
  36. So Long by Andy Bender on Single (Self-Released) $ Buy
  37. Crown by Jay Som on Anak Ko (Polyvinyl) $ Buy
  38. Break
  39. You've Got It by Diners on Split (LAUREN RECORDS) $ Buy
  40. Am I Living In The Real World? by Diners on Three (Asian Man Records) $ Buy
  41. It's Okay to Dream by Mellow Fellow, Ruru on It's Okay to Dream (604 Diamond Records) $ Buy
  42. Woke Up Feeling Sad by R.L. Kelly on Life's A Bummer (R.L. Kelly) $ Buy
  43. When I See You by Emily Yacina on Overflow (Emily Yacina) $ Buy
  44. Switzerland by Soccer Mommy on For Young Hearts (Orchid Tapes) $ Buy
  45. Break
  46. Get Well by Jay Som on Anak Ko (Polyvinyl) $ Buy