BFK 95: Band The Fluorescents


  1. Cereal Box by The Flourescents
  2. Lime by Your Fearless Leader
  3. Shakin' Off The Rust by The Blue Stones
  4. Snow White by Highly Suspect on MCID
  5. The Alarmist by Pinegrove on Marigold
  6. Concrete Cowboy by New Swears
  7. The Weight by Thrice on Beggars
  8. Melt by Grumbler
  9. Running Wild by The Deaf Pilots on The Deaf Pilots
  10. Women by Alvie & The Breakfast Pigs on Snake Headed Faceless Cowboy (Bird Flu Kitchen)
  11. The Way You Used Do by Queens of the Stone Age
  12. Bury Me Face Down by grandson
  13. Lights Out by Royal Blood
  14. Broken Bones by CRX
  15. Jesus Christ You're Tall by Harry Nilsson
  16. Don't The Time Pass Quickly by Natural Child
  17. Midwestern States by The Menzingers on After The Party
  18. Neon Nightmare by Wyldlife on Neon Nightmare
  19. She's The One by The Fluorescents on You Before The Oh
  20. Punch Drunk Cowboy by The Fluorescents on You Before The Oh
  21. Cheap Regrets by The Districts on Cheap Regrets
  22. Screamin Wolf Boy by Antonio Sorgentone, The Heart Attacks on Bom Bom
  23. I Don't Know Why by The Fluorescents on For Cheryl
  24. Idiot by Wavves