01.23.20 Bear Call


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  1. Lonestar by Emily Afton on Lonestar (AntiFragile Music) $ Buy
  2. Blood Moon by Bear Call on Fancy Aid (Bear Call) $ Buy
  3. Bright Lit Blue Skies by Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti on Ariel Pink Before Today (n/a) $ Buy
  4. My Lady's on Fire by Ty Segall on Freedom's Goblin (Drag City) $ Buy
  5. Les Amis - Actual Magic Remix by François de Roubaix on Les Amis (Actual Magic Remix) (Pucci Records) $ Buy
  6. Steal My Sunshine by Len on You Can't Stop the Burn Rush (Sony) $ Buy
  7. Your Only Friend by Phuture on Acid Tracks (Trax) $ Buy
  8. Photosynthesis by Saba, Jean Deaux on Bucket List Project (Saba Pivot) $ Buy
  9. Helpless by The Cleaners From Venus on Blow Away Your Troubles (Mr Mule) $ Buy
  10. Break
  11. Foamy Lace by Magic Potion on Endless Graffiti (PNKSLM) $ Buy
  12. Lucifer's Coat by The Holydrug Couple on Hyper Super Mega (Sacred Bones) $ Buy
  13. LOL Naw by Bear Call on Fancy Aid (Bear Call) $ Buy
  14. Modern Age by Sonny & The Sunsets on Moods Baby Moods (Polyvinyl) $ Buy
  15. City Kitty by French Cassettes on City Kity (Full Frenchy) $ Buy
  16. I Wanna Be Your Mantra by Tino Drima on Smoking (621228 Records DK) $ Buy
  17. Dreaming Still? by HOLY on All These Worlds Are Yours (PNKSLM) $ Buy
  18. Visage by Visage on Visage (Universal) $ Buy
  19. Open Your Eyes by Gold Celeste on The Glow (Riot Factory) $ Buy
  20. Satellite of Love by Lou Reed on Transformer (RCA) $ Buy