Pizza Dumpster edition!


  1. Dirty Harry - Schtung Chinese New Year Remix by Gorillaz on D-Sides (Parlophone)
  2. Fences by Destroy Boys on Single (Self Release)
  3. Shibuya (feat. Syd) by Free Nationals on Free Nationals ( -)
  4. Perfect Shapes by Madeline Kenney on Perfect Shapes (Carpark Records)
  5. July by Blushh on Single (Blushh Records)
  6. Year of the Dog by Nate Budroe on Casa Pacheco (Self Release)
  7. Cop Car by Mitski on Cop Car (Dead Oceans)
  8. signal dreams by small crush on small crush (Asian Man Records)
  9. Simple (feat. Savanna Dohler & Jamiah) by dreamer boy on Love Nostalgia (-)
  10. Do The Damn Thing by Tino Drima on Suitin' Up (Park The Van)
  11. Your Band by King Willow on Single (Not Sestra Industries)
  12. Serenity by DEWR on Self-released (Dream Pop is Over)
  13. Lisa by Chris Mendoza on Crazy Lisa (1601937 Records DK)
  14. 666 by Sugar Candy Mountain (-)
  15. Let Down by Dude York on Falling (Hardly Art)
  16. Wild by The Band Ice Cream on Classically Trained (Urban Scandal)
  17. Good Luck by Meernaa on Strange Life (Native Cat)
  18. Regina by Carpool Tunnel on Single (Sound B Studios)
  19. Warm Animal - Acoustic by Sure Sure on Single (Self Release)
  20. Brink of Death by Spooky Mansion on Brink of Death (Bathmaster)
  21. Motor Oil by Fashion Jackson on Gossamer 2 (Self Release)
  22. WAIT by Same Girls on Single (Text Me Records)
  23. Really Truly by No Vacation, Okey Dokey on Really Truly (Topshelf Records)
  24. Liability by New Fossils on Lovesongs.m4a (Self Release)
  25. Flowers by The Red Pears on Alicia (Cosmica Records)
  26. Neopolitan by Mint on Mentha (Slang Church)
  27. Can't Tell Me Know by Summer Cannibals on Can't Tell Me No (Self Released)