The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ DJ Decay & DJ Baron (Los Angeles) 1/28/20


  1. The Chauffeur by Duran Duran on Rio
  2. I'm Afraid Of Americans (Nine Inch Nails V1 Mix) by David Bowie on Earthling
  3. Bunkers by The Vapors on New Clear Days
  4. Sancified by Nine Inch Nails on Pretty Hate Machine
  5. Precious by Depeche Mode on Playing the Angel
  6. Ocean Rising by Justin Sullivan on Navigating By The Stars
  7. The Drowning by Christian Death on Catastrophe Ballet
  8. Dead Disco Dancer by O.Children on O.Children
  9. Tension by All Your Sisters on All Your Sisters Tour EP
  10. Unknown by Hante. on Fierce
  11. Lost Life by The New Division on Hidden Memories
  12. The Sound by Sun Version on The Disease of Lady Madeline
  13. What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy) by Information Society on Information Society
  14. Waiting Room by Fugazi on 13 Songs